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Grenoside Primary

COVID-19 Restrictions September 2020

On this page we hope to set out at much information as possible to help support our families and their children with the wider re-opening of school in September 2020 including arrangements for dropping off/collection.

Please note: this is an ever changing situation and we will have to review, adapt and update our practices regularly in light of new guidance from the Local Authority, PHE (Public Health England) and the Government. We really appreciate your help, support and patience during this challenging time.

Please click here to read a letter from Mrs Smith (head teacher) regarding September 2020.

These plans are subject to change and we will keep you updated if this should happen. We have tried to include as much information as possible.

All children need to be ready to enter school at 8.45 am.

Early Years Foundation Stage

Please click here to read the letter in full specifically regarding Foundation Stage's start in September 2020 and transition dates.


We kindly ask that only one parent drops off and collects and that social distancing is respected.  If you choose to wear a face mask then that is fine.




At 3.00pm please collect your child from the same area outside their classrooms in the Foundation Stage playground.

Year 1 and Year 2


Y1 and Y2 (Mrs Bailey/Miss Littlewood, Miss Marston, Miss Doman and Mrs Fox) pupils are asked to line up one behind the other.  The teachers will be waiting with pupils so please exit the school site promptly to avoid over crowding.




At 3.00pm please collect your child at the same place from outside their classroom.

Year 3 and Year 4


Y3 and Y3/4 (Mrs Pollard and Miss Ellison) will wait near their external classroom doors on the front side of school. No parent or other adult will be able to enter this area so please do not use this as a way through to the playground. Staff will be there to wait with the children. Please do not pass the green gate near the bike shelter nor enter this area from the external steps. For these classes the best entrance to school is from the Main Street entrance at the front of school. 

Y4 (Mrs Monach) will line up by the target board in the playground and will be the class that enters school via the outdoor steps. Please enter via the park or the main gate from the staff car park – not from the bicycle shelter side of school.


At 3.15pm Y3FP and Y3/4AE, please collect from the same place outside their classroom.  If your child has a younger sibling, they can walk down the steps to the playground to meet you.  We will support with this.  Please talk to your child about the end of the day routine.

At 3.15pm Y4JM, please collect from the playground.  Class Y4JM will exit from the dining room doors to ease congestion.

Year 5 and Year 6


Y6, Y5/6 and Y5 (Mr Tuffin, Mr Greenwood and Mr Fisher) will line up on the games court also known as the MUGA (multi use games area). Parents must not enter the games court. This is for children only and staff will be there to supervise.


At 3.15pm, please collect your child from playground.  Due to the staggered end of the day and prompt leaving of the site, the playground should have fewer people.

If you wish for your child to walk home alone we need confirmation - please email the school office (parents@grenoside.sheffield.sch.uk).  Please do speak to your child about leaving the site quickly.

In all cases, please discuss with your child the routine of collection at the end of the day and, for older children, where you will meet them.  

We also ask that only one adult collects or drops off to assist with social distancing.


Due to the new measures we have put in place because of COVI-19, the lunchtime routine will be slightly different. Please talk to your children about the changes.

Children will dine within their “Bubble”. They will go to the dining area after thoroughly washing hands and sit down immediately.  Staff will bring their food choice to them at their table.

For ease, the menu has been reduced to 4 options

Red: Main dish – hot meal 

Yellow: Jacket potato with cheese; Orange: Jacket potato with beans; Purple: Jacket potato with tuna

Green: Meat grab bag 

Blue: Veggie grab bag 

For the Red and jacket potato options, there will be one dessert choice.

Please understand that the because of the way the food will now be served, every main food item will be paced onto the plate. Children will be encouraged to try all foods but of course will not be forced to eat anything they do not like. It is important that children are fully aware of what will be on their plate before they choose that option on any given day. Please refer to the menus attached to talk to your child before they make their daily selection.

After eating, staff will take all plates away and children will leave the dining area with their bubble.

As with any new system, we will continue to review and make changes where necessary if needed.

Week 1 Menu

Week 2 Menu  

Week 3 Menu 

We hope the above makes sense and we appreciate your support and understanding.